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How Will I Personally Benefit From ProfitableBet?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

In all honesty - there's no easy answer to that question.

It's all very much dependent on the time you dedicate, as with anything, what you put in is almost always what you get out.

Therefore, how you benefit will correlate with your level of effort. If you're looking to benefit financially, this will heavily be dependent on not only effort but also the amount of money you already have at your disposal, the more money you're able to put into a betting exchange account and bookmakers, the more money you'll make at once.

For example, if you have less liability (money available to place bets with) you won't be able to place as many bets at once, which could mean that as opposed to placing £100 in bets a day you can only place £30 and if you're generating say 15% return (very reasonable) then you'll only be making £4.50 as opposed to £15.

The actual process is bit more complex as in reality you'd factor in the difference the odds make to the liability depending on the bet and the time required for bet settlement, but regardless, in general the more money you have, the more money you can stand to make.

However, there are also alternate skills that you'll benefit from, a key one I've learnt is discipline. We're all human so we'll always have the urge or desire to want to make more money even if it's at the expense of being risky and losing our own hard earn money - our emotions go wild!

But I've learnt to shift my mindset so that despite the income coming from a betting platform, I treat the process so that I'm as profitable as possible, like a business, taking diligence and caution to mitigate loss if necessary but usually to boost profits.

Greed is something that's hard to completely ever overcome, but we can teach ourselves to have somewhat control over it so that it doesn't consume us, but instead allows us to flourish.

That's just one of the many great skills that I've learnt to start controlling, but there are many more amazing skills I've learnt and that you'll pick up along the journey, so long as you enforce the correct procedure.

By undergoing this journey of growth you'll learn a lot more about yourself and achieve a lot more growth than you originally bargained for - Believe me!

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