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Why Profits Won't Last Forever

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

What do Bookies do to maintain profitability?

Based on research, they apparently have algorithms in place to monitor how profitable all their clients are and if you're profitable they begin to filter you and anyone else who makes profits out through limits (small maximum stakes on bets) In this way they eventually end up with a customer base full of losers, which drives their very worthwhile profits.

As a result, bookies can quickly limit/restrict your account either from you winning too often or due to suspicious behaviour such as suspicious betting patterns or waiting on the bet slip too long, more info is available on this in the packs. This has happened to me across different websites, so it's very real and very likely to happen to you.

Not to worry! Through reading the 'Advice & Precautions' pack as well as doing your own independent research you can help to make it last longer and make a bit more money.

With that being said - don't expect your profits from each site to last forever. Slowly they'll start going one by one is the unfortunate reality.

This is why you shouldn't expect to form a full time income from this. Once again it's more of a stepping stone. Although for some, they'll learn a lot and innovate either directly through betting or another way, finding other ways to generate income.

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