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Realistic Expectation of How Much You Can Make

In this post I will be completely transparent, as I can understand why others would want real life accounts and I can tell you that as far as I can remember, the most I ever made in one day was £170.

I had placed several bets across different bookmakers, probably totalling £400-500 in back stakes on that day. For one bet I generated as high as 155% return - outstanding return that rarely comes around and even harder to actually land the bet on before odds change. Bearing in mind to generate this type of profit I had about £6,000 in my Smarkets betting exchange account.

The amount of money you have disposable doesn't necessarily determine how much you can stand to make. As a general rule the more you have the more you can make, but it's heavily dependent on the odds of the bets that you've placed which affect the liability, which is the amount of money required to be able to place a bet that gets put to the side until your bet has settled.

Also, it's dependent on the amount of return you stand to make per bet, which you'll know based on the Oddsmatching software, as it tells you. Therefore, if you're placing bets that generate 103% you'll only be making 3% of your back stake as profit, so even if you have a total back stake of £400 as I did above, you're only making £12.

Arbitrary betting is amazing for generating daily profits, but you need some money to start, it'd be recommended to build up your profits through Matched betting (You can easily generate at least £500 if you follow the packs) then use this extra cash to help with your arbitrary efforts.

But with about £1000 in your betting exchange and £100 liquid daily to inject into any bookmaker account you should be able to make at least £5-10 a day.

Be aware that if you haven't got much in your bank account to place bets with you'll be waiting about 2-3 working days every time you withdraw before your withdrawal comes into your account to then use again to place more bets, as usually you'll win into your betting exchange account

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