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"Best Ways To Make Money From Home"

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Is where I first started. I typed exactly this into Google, eager to find a way of making income without physically having to be somewhere slaving away and for an income without an hourly cap.

As a University student I didn't want the hassle of a job and applying for one. I wanted full flexibility and freedom to socialise and train basketball whenever I wanted. Also, I didn't want to work in retail, I've always liked adopting profitable, scalable initiatives.

A few weeks after stumbling across many ways that I knew where possible to make money from but I felt were unsuitable for my wants at that moment in time. Quick cash. A way of generating almost instant turnover without creating a long term business, a brand etc. Which I still wanted, just not at that point in time.

Then one day I was speaking to a friend of mine at University and he brought up Matched Betting and proceeded to show me how exactly it was done. Although he taught it to me on a very basic basis, with time and skin in the game (experience) I began to find ways to boost my profitability and make it more scalable so that the income flow remained steady.

I kept persevering, finding ways to be profitable through betting with a bit of innovation. Bringing me to where I am today, a little over 18 months after starting having profited over £10,000 and not feeling forced to take up paid employment as a student.

Instead, I'm able to use the time I would've spent working for someone else, working on and developing myself, as well as having some extra money to pay for resources, going out and of course, a few holidays.

If you misinterpreted me, I don't say this with the intention of sounding arrogant whatsoever.

I'm just offering you the opportunity to be on a similar path as me, a little financially free.

Once again, this income probably won't convert into a career for the vast majority, but it's a pretty great stepping stone for most of us to learn new skills whilst building our savings.

Finally, as financial education was mentioned, check out @FinsiderLtd on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to improve your quality of life through better management of your finances as well as picking up more general finance and investment knowledge which I'm sure you'll thank me later for in a few years time if you follow the advice!

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