FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start?

The 3 things which you'll need are:

- Proof of ID and proof of Address: To verify your account with bookmakers and betting exchanges

- Betting accounts: To be able to place your bets

- Some money: To be able to place the bets which you find


Will I be gambling?

Yes but NO.

The means of acquiring the income requires you to actively bet on gambling platforms such as Bet365, Betfred etc. However the method behind the process isn't gambling because you're covering both for and against outcomes of the event/market. 


Can I lose money?

Yes of course you could, just like with most other investments. But you don't have to lose anything if you are careful, thorough (in learning the process) and patient enough. Granted mistakes may possibly happen at the start which is fine. To mitigate these beginner losses you could start off with less money so that if you do make mistakes you learn with less money at risk.


With experience you will learn how you can prevent losing money and eventually you shouldn't be losing anything unless it's for factors out of your control. 


What do you mean by factors outside of your control?

This would mainly come down to admin related issues such as placing one side of the bet and then as you're going to place the other opposing leg of the bet the odds change, but the odds changing can benefit you both for the better and the worse. However with the packs you'll learn how to lower the chances of this happening to you.


How much money can I make?

This depends on a variety of factors such as how much money you have disposable to use, how many betting accounts you have access to, the types of bets which you place etc.


Also, it depends on your game-plan for it, if you just want to make as much money as you can straight away, then it might not allow for as much longevity of accounts that'll allow you to continue to make money from it in future. The reason being that bookmakers can limit accounts such that you can only place a maximum bet of £1 or £10. Bookmakers have invested a lot into studying matched bettors online behaviours and so depending on how you gamble, you may sooner or later find your account limited. But before this happens, if diligent enough, you should be able to make at least a bit of profit from each website


How much money have you made?

For the sake of transparency, in the span of 2 years whilst learning about ways to make an income from gambling and attempting to discover alternative ways of making money within the betting space, I made close to £15,000.

This was carried out with finances ranging from about £1000 starting out, to about £9000 close to the end of the 2 year span.

But it did require some of my own initiative to continue to generate revenue at some points.


What do I think of Matched betting (honestly)?

I genuinely feel that it's a great stepping stone at it's worst.


Regardless of whether you want to be the next sports betting titan or whether you couldn't care less about sports, you can make an extra income simply from learning and following the process.


You might not go on to make many thousands, but for many the the importance isn't how much money you make, it's what it facilitates. For most this isn't or won't be something you build a career on and that's fine. But what it can do is prevent you from having to work more hours or possibly another job, or giving you the money you need to pay for a course that you want to do, or even go on holiday. You can think of it as an unconventional work from home type of job where the hours are whenever you want to work.

For me. having done this whilst at university was a huge blessing in that it meant I didn't have to work a job to earn an income and I could do it whenever it suited me, even whilst on a coach, train etc

What does the pack come with?

The pack will come with both written resources and video tutorials teaching/informing you of a range of things, most importantly how to do matched and arbitrary betting - the revenue generators - but also other important supplementary information to help you get ahead based off of my own learning curves.