The Full Product:

The ProfitableBet Packs teach the full guide on how to learn the process and make consistent income from both Arbitrary and Matched betting. As well as other packs detailing how to get set up, how to use the resources necessary,  advice, precautions and how to make the most profit with what you have.


Note - The packs are taught factoring in the use of a third party website's resources which requires a subscription that will cost you £17.99/month after a £1 free trial for a week.

Kayode, Student 

As a student whose Student Finance barely covered the rent this has been a God send in terms of facilitating some financial security and financial freedom without the necessity of a full time job

Chidubem, Student 

I'm still learning the process but so far I've seen first hand how this has changed the lives of others around me and I can confidently say it's something I will continue to pursue - the convenience of the income is too great to pass up on

Martin, Investment Banker

Works well alongside a full time job, you can login to your account whenever, wherever and start placing bets to make profits if they suit your requirements/targets. 

*All sales are final, there will be no refunds offered due to the nature of the product (Downloadable Packs) So please bear this in mind when purchasing.

What Do I Need?

Through our packs you'll learn the skills necessary to make money online through the use of betting platforms. To get started you'll need:

Money - At least £200+ to 

start off with, to deposit into a betting exchange account e.g. but the more the merrier! - Look in the blogs section for more information

 ID - Access to Personal Proof e.g.

Passport and Proof of Address 

e.g. bills in your name incase bookmakers e.g. Bet365 ask you to verify yourself/where you reside

Betting Accounts - 18+ & Able to open accounts with Bookmakers e.g. Bet365 and with a betting exchange such as Smarkets - But only do so once you've read the packs!

Join us and the rest of the community on this profitable journey!

 Join the forum and check out our blogs for more info surrounding in's and out's of betting.

As well as ideas for alternative things to do with your profits.

The Truth:

BEWARE - There is SIGNIFICANT downside risk if not learnt properly

I am by no means guaranteeing that this pack will make you wealthy enough to buy a house or comfortably sustain a family.



But, I’ve personally managed to generate over £10,000 in 18 months whilst at Uni, starting with very little knowledge - which as a student isn't too bad if you ask me? 


At the start the prospect of me making £10,000 from my accomodation or on the train - or anywhere, on my laptop seemed unreal, but everything comes in steps and I gradually realised the opportunities to grow.

For most who take the time to learn these packs well and have discipline, I'm confident it will serve as a source of reliable  income.



The income you generate is entirely dependent on the time you invest and how much money you have disposable. Starting with £200 will be slow, but it'll build the skills for playing with larger amounts - and with larger amounts I've made up to £170 in a day! (PB)


There are risks of course as with everything, even in e-commerce you have to pay for marketing without a guarantee of orders, even then the likelihood of customers purchasing is made variable by the amount of effort put into the product, customer experience etc.


Yes, I'll be completely honest with you, you can lose money.


But if you just STICK TO THE PROCESS the downside is highly mitigated! Occasionally I’ve made a few small losses on bets due to greed, being irresponsible or odds changing (partially out of your control) but you will learn how to lower the chances of this happening.



So far I haven’t lost more than £200 from mistakes - But I've gained over £10,000.



Which is a Financial Risk-Reward of at least 

In my eyes the Risk-Reward here has paid off very well.  Find me a student - if not a full time working adult who could disagree?



"Sometimes the biggest risk was the one you didn't take"  Despite my slight apprehension at the start towards gambling etc. I'm glad I took the risk, because by my standards I've prospered!

It's taught me discipline with money, I'm at free will to gamble and being active on gambling platforms it's easy to do so, but the only time I "gamble" is when I'm trying to make guaranteed profit.


I’m genuinely grateful for the losses at the start of my journey,  I’m a big believer that you learn much more from losing than winning, with the added benefit that I started off with less money back then, so I learnt from my losses with smaller amounts which taught me how to better manage larger amounts.


If you feel ready to build an extra form of income and can appreciate that learning the ropes may be hard work but is all for longer term benefit then: read more, enquire further or BUY now!


Carlos R.







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